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Our Partners

and Semillas para el Futuro have discovered time and time again that working collaboratively with like-minded organizations can provide tremendous mutual benefits and ultimately improve our efforts to help the people of Chocolá. If you or your organization would like to work with us to achieve our mission, please click on the "Become a Partner" link to the left or fill out our contact form at "Contact Us."

Amigos de Chocolá, USA

AGEXPORT, Guatemala

Behavior Research Center, USA

Bermejo y Associados, Guatemala

Centro de Ideas, Antigua

Centro/Gamma Servicios Integrados (GSI), Guatemala

Choco Guatemaya, Guatemala

Empresa Campesina Asociativa de Chocolá (ECA), Guatemala

El Sitio Cultural, Guatemala

FundaSistemas de Guatemala

Grupo Nasrin, Guatemala

The Hershey Company, USA

Twin Bridges LLC USA

International Capital Partners, USA

Legume Foods, Guatemala

Let's Be Ready USA (Pre-school program)

Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, Guatemala

Namaste Direct USA (Microloans)

Pilones de Antigua, Guatemala

Rainforest Alliance, Guatemala

Riecken Foundation, Central America

Riester Conservation Foundation, Costa Rica

Secretaria de Obras de las Esposa del Presidente, Guatemala

Southern Maya Project for Archaeology and Community, USA

Stoneho Farms, USA

Wuqu'Kawoq, Guatemala