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Education, Community and Family

Semillas Para El Futuro and the community are in the second phase of “Discovery” in which a series of neighborhood, common interest groups and broad-based meetings are held to identify community needs on which groups can work together toward common goals. Because it is the responsibility of the community to identify these issues and opportunities, we list below only those which prior meetings have identified as probable “discovery items”.  Those shown in bold are supported by Semillas directly or through fund raising efforts:

  • the health care clinic,
  • strengthening education and self realization opportunities for women,
  • food security and nutrition education via our Family Gardens program,
  • growing the town library and literacy program through a contract with the Riecken Foundation
  • leadership and democracy training,
  • job training programs,
  • improving potable water supply and protecting natural springs and rivers, 
  • street repair and street safety, 
  • establishing a central community park in the heart of the 19th century Coffee Fiunca headquarters,
  • restoring the 19th Century finca buildings and establishing a history museum, 
  • oral history project of elders, 
  • improving the schools

... and more.